Quick draw 

Wolfenstein: The New Order • Unlock tactical perk 2 • 10G • 54.42% of gamers unlocked this

For something a bit different, I fired up Grand Theft Auto V tonight to see what non-online achievements were possible in the space of an hour or two. Sure enough, there were a couple that looked relatively achievable – the first was taking on a private fare after buying the cab company, which apparently isn’t the same as just picking up random citizens off the street and taking them to their destination; the second is, essentially, getting eaten by a shark.

So do you know what I did? I bobbed around in the ocean for half an hour as Michael, and I sat on the side of the road in a cab for half an hour as Franklin – successively, not at the same time – and none, none, of the events needed to trigger the achievements happened.

So, I got frustrated. Screamed internally, and fired up Wolfenstein.

I need to have a better look at the achievement list for Wolfy, because I feel like I’ve tapped out the last of my ‘easy’ achievements, but I’m sure there’s a couple there that I can salvage if I looked hard enough. I know there’s some stuff in the base to find missing widgets and things, so now it might be a case of getting through the game ready to be able to cherry pick levels needed to do an achievement tidy-up.

First things first though, gotta get some launch codes from the Nazi moon base!

Side note: I just realised in the tags that I may have been spelling it wrong, perhaps for the record I should clarify its Wolfenstein (with an e-i at the end).


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