Out of Your Depth

Grand Theft Auto IV • You needed a bigger boat … or ANY boat • 5G • 3.95% of gamers have unlocked this

If I’m perfectly honest – there is a whole heap of achievements that I’ve earned today that could rightly have stood up as my crowning … well, achievement. But I whinged about GTA5 the other day, so I felt like that I should go with that just to balance the force, and because it’s still a fun achievement.

It’s a bit hard to tell from the achievement description, but the short version is: get eaten by a shark.

It’s not as easy as it sounds … as it largely involves having to navigate the deep, dark waters of Los Santos until you find a shark, or – which I didn’t realise until today – driving a boat to what must be the boundary of the map, where it promptly runs out of fuel, sinks and then a shark happens to be in the vicinity ready to swallow you whole.

Anyway, the journey doesn’t really matter in this case – it’s the destination that was important, and that was how I did it. So, with my achievement ‘out of the way’ for the day, I opened up a few other games from my library to see what was happening in the digital landscape.

The first was Overwatch, which I’m nowhere near religious enough to consider myself a contender, but the Summer Games for 2017 have started and I’m a sucker for time-limited events, so I dabbled for a little while in various game modes, including something called ‘Lúcioball’, which is essentially just soccer (which I feel like Rocket League trained me really well for, considering I got play of the game a few times for multiple saves and goals!), and a whole heap of new exclusive cosmetic content which doesn’t really float my boat, but I unlock my loot crates the same as the next guy … one case at a time.

The other thing I had a go at this weekend is For Honor, which is something I played in closed beta, and found it cumbersome so that I never picked this up at retail … but I figured I might be able to squeeze a few achievements out of it during the free weekend (which I did).

The game has certainly improved since the beta, or there’s simply more to do, but either way, the combat feels far more accessible than it did in beta (much less Dark Souls’y) and makes for some harmless afternoon fun. I’ll check the price during the free weekend, but if it’s cheap enough, then I’ll … think about it.

On second thought … maybe not.

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