Dishonorable Discharge

For Honor • Complete the Knight Chapter • 10G • 46.19% of gamers unlocked this

I do love a sneaky little post-midnight achievement. I wasn’t sure whether to complete the first part of the campaign or keep banging my head against the wall in multiplayer, but I persevered solo, and finished the final knight mission just before half-past midnight.

I’m fairly certain I can thrash whatever I need out of this game over the entire course of the free play days, rather than having to part with any cold hard cash. The knight campaign only took a couple of hours this morning, and that included the occasional break to revisit tutorial instructions and mix it up with some multiplayer. I don’t know what matchmaking algorithms they used, but more-offer-than-not I ended up in extremely one-sides battles with some particularly challenging … well, challengers.

Chapter 2 takes in the Viking campaign before concluding the trilogy with the Samurai in Chapter 3. I am looking forward to trying something different … I find myself picking a knight pretty much every time I play, so tomorrow … well, today, will be the day for it.

But for now though, sleep! 


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