Label Designer

Viva Piñata • Made a Custom Label • 20G • 60.31% of gamers unlocked this

If I took a long, hard moment to reflect on my personal behaviour in conducting this challenge, I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that it has changed my attitude towards gaming. Even six weeks in, when there’s a total guarentee that I’ll be able to play some games tonight, I’m still waking up in the morning trying to squeeze in a session of something so as to ensure that I’ve ticked-off my daily achievement early, and I’m free to play whatever I want in the evening. Chances are, that I’ll earn, and have been earning, achievements in those games anyway, but even then, I feel like I’ve missed an opportunity to ‘hold over’ that achievement for a day when I’m time poor and need a quick one to chalk up to the challenge.

This morning I skimmed aimlessly through my games library to see what was on offer. I had played most of the Rare Replay series before, having borrowed a friend’s copy to nab some easy achievements on when it first came out, but there were some games that I didn’t really invest in – some that came out at the dawn of the Xbox 360 generation and had a full suite of achievements in their own right. Viva Piñata was one of them.

Truth be told, there’s a whole heap of achievements to earn in Viva Piñata that are secret, and I haven’t really had the time or inclination to look them up and see what I need to do to earn them. If I was to extend my personal reflection about behaviour to this game, then I’d tell you that after 5-10 minutes of not having a clear path to achievement visible, then I start to get a little anxious. Needless to say, today I found a path to earning an achievement and grabbed it with both hands when the opportunity presented itself – even if it was as pathetically simple as creating a custom logo to use in the game.

I am sure that I’ll return to Viva Piñata eventually, perhaps with a better understanding of what I need to do to earn particular achievements, but as a standalone game – it feels and plays incredibly dated. That’s understandable considering it’s just ticked over ten years old, but some games hold up better over time and others do not. This one feels like it’s in the latter category (though admittedly it is also not really designed for my demographic).


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