Rise of the Tomb Raider • Defeat two enemies or more using a single Molotov Cocktail • 5G • 48.82% of gamers unlocked this

I suspect that this was always supposed to be an easier achievement than it sounds, given that it is only worth five G, and there seems to be an entire level dedicated to the creation, and use of, Molotov cocktails.

I was a bit worried that I may trigger a progress achievement as well as I played through this level, given that it was actually a lot longer than I thought it might be, but thankfully I seem to have navigated my way through the complex, and arrived at some mine (to get to Jacob’s village) without much problem.

There seems to be a far greater emphasis on crafting in this Tomb Raider, which isn’t really my cup of tea, but thankfully the tutorials and on-screen prompts seem to do a pretty good job of steering you in the right direction if-and-when need be.

Today we’ll be on the road early to get to EB Games to partake in the ‘Great Buck Chase‘ celebrations. I’m not sure what exactly it entails, but I remember a similar event last year (or the year before) and remember missing out on the chance for some cool stuff, so we’re getting in early this year. At the very least we’ll get a free poster!


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