Cow Tipping

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition • Harvest some leather • 15G • 52.32% of gamers unlocked this

I was planning on having a session of Telltale’s The Walking Dead this morning, but of course the kids woke up, and I’m also at the part in Episode 4 where I have to go hunting around the school for various bits and pieces ready to escape Savannah, so I didn’t feel like I could invest enough time and energy into the process in order to grab the achievement before I left for work (plus I know there’s lots of zombies in that section so it’s probably not suitable for kids over breakfast), so instead I skimmed my available options and came across Minecraft.

I saw the news yesterday that Microsoft are releasing a very trendy Minecraft edition of the Xbox One S, so I felt like it was a good sign that I could quickly earn ‘something’ in there, particularly after my surprise in Minecraft iOS about the unlisted achievements, but thankfully a quick look at the list highlighted a glaringly obvious option in harvesting some leather. AKA, ‘kill a cow.’ I had spawned into one of the old worlds, or, more specifically, one of my son’s worlds, so I wasn’t sure that there would be any cows – but after about ten quick minutes, I found one stranded on a cliff.

A couple of quick swipes with the axe saw him … MOOve along (sorry).

Tonight’s plan is hopefully a bit of achievement tidy up. Maybe I’ll have a go at that Walking Dead level, or maybe I’ll push through some more of Ryse. Either way, I should have some time to play ‘something.’

In other gaming news, I also preordered my Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition today! Not just your regular run-of-the-mill One X, no, this baby has emblazoned Project Scorpio on it – and that pleases me no end. It’s a great name – and it brings me joy – and I think it’s worth spending a few extra bucks on something like that.

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