Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege • Reinforce 2 breakable walls in “Bank” on Casual/Ranked Multiplayer or Terrorist Hunt • 15G • 40.63% of gamers unlocked this

Anyone who knows me knows how much I loved Tom Clancy the author. The fact that his name lives on through my favourite medium, and one of my favourite franchises, brings me a small skerrick of joy not found elsewhere in other entertainment products. While R6 has come along way from the days of Ding Chavez and Jack Ryan, it still does what it does very well – put you in the boots of a special forces operative and send you out into the world to kill terrorists.

I actually got two achievements this morning. The one I was going for, Collector, was for hoarding 5,000 renown – the in-game currency – but when the opportunity to grab this achievement came through, I thought I better seize it. Risking an achievement on a multiplayer playlist is a bit of a tender hooks affair, so, in the wise words of Sean Connery on The Rock: ‘You must never hesitate.’

I’m not sure what was going on this morning, I suspect that the early hour caused Ubisoft to connect me with Americans, as there was a huge delay to getting into a game, but once I did, it was a fairly standard affair to get trounced by the other team, but nonetheless still earn two achievements, have breakfast and go to work. Not a bad day in my opinion. 

Naturally, all that renown was soon blown on buying up a few new operators. I went with Ash, Kapkan and Castle – all of which I have seen selected with some frequency over the past week so I’m banking on their popularity equalling their utility. Time will tell. 

The other, more troubling, thing though is the amount of trolls in the game. My goodness, I feel like I’ve spent more time blocking trolls this week than I have for the entire time I’ve had an Xbox account! In turn, I’ve also been fairly liberal with the report button.

And I’ll continue to do so.


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