Objective Driven

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege • Win a round 50 times in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer • 10G • 35.16% of gamers unlocked this

Around 11.30pm yesterday, I figured I was about 4-5 wins away from earning this achievement, so I switched to Terrorist Hunt for a while to ensure I didn’t ‘accidentally’ earn this achievement on the wrong side of midnight. I figured one decent game should have just about gotten me over the line.

At about five minutes before midnight, I took my newly minted Level 20 character and had my first foray into ranked multiplayer. Now, long story short: we didn’t win and I copped a tirade of abusive messages from some muppet called ShadyCroox. Literally, some were just a one word demand: “leave”. I didn’t capture his full tirade as a screenshot – I simply muted, reported and blocked him – but I’m a big fan of name and shame. And this bloke is shameful. Here’s his gamer profile so you can avoid him as well.

After our ranked loss just shy of 1am, I switched back to the casual playlist to try and get over the line. We played much, much better, and a little before 1am, this achievement popped.

Despite these games being far from bad, there is this horrible undercurrent of feigned elitism in R6 in that anyone left alive who is subject to Observer scrutiny is too bad a player to exist and therefore must face a votekick. I took it on myself to send the recipient of these votes a nice message – it’s a game, relax. 


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