Adventure Pop • Popped 100 Bubbles in Adventure Mode • 25G • 78.41% of gamers unlocked this

I had no idea there was so many small free games on the Xbox store. No idea. I went hunting through the sales last night to see if there was anything of substance, and stumbled across an advertisement for Final Fantasy, which I clicked on, and then started skimming through the ‘related’ titles. I now have about another six or seven games loaded into my Xbox, though time will tell if they’re genuine or they expect you to pay money or not.

This game is essentially the same as most other bubble-popping games on the market. Line up the bubble, shoot the bubble, clear the level, go to the next level, repeat. It’s a simple premise, but often in the right frame of mind it becomes cathartic. I can see myself playing this for a while, though it will probably be dependent on how far off an achievement is.

It’s a good game. I enjoyed it. It’s simple, I could play it with my kids in the room, and, more importantly, it’s free. My favourite price.


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