Pop! Pop!

Adventure Pop • Popped 1000 bubbles in Adventure Mode • 50G • 44.16% of gamers unlocked this

I had hoped for something a bit newer to register as my achievement today. I spent some time this morning playing Dungeon Defenders II, then this evening on Path of Exile, but neither had any low-hanging fruit when it came to achievements. As the hour ticked closer to 11pm and my thumping headache got the better of me, I decided to cash in one of the easy Adventure Pop achievements (and I’ll probably do the same tomorrow for my, as usual, hectic Wednesdays).

What is amazing is that I haven’t even finished the tutorial levels yet (deliberately, there’s another achievement for that), and Adventure Pop is giving out achievements worth 50G! I’m not sure why more people aren’t talking about this in the same vein as Rare Replay when it comes to easy achievements, but I’ve managed to score it so I suppose it’s no skin off my nose.

Some of the other games I tried this morning are, I suspect, either defunct or heavily scaled back in terms of server support. Battle Ages was one of them, and another Battle … something, failed completely to load. I know they’re free games, but if you don’t plan to patch in some offline, single player support before you wrap up a game then I reserve the right to have a little whinge about it here.

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