Ready to take on some pirates!

Adventure Pop • Completed all the Tutorial Levels • 25G • 34.54% of gamers unlocked this

I promised you that I would be going for a quick and dirty Adventure Pop achievement today, and I have met that expectation. The problem with a game like this, however, is that you are a bit limited with the type of screenshots you can take. Everything looks … the same.

Nonetheless, I did it. About 11 or 12 levels in is all it takes to have completed ‘the Tutorial’, and while I had kids clambering over me as they so often want to do in the morning, I got it done.

If there’s any spare time to game tonight, then I might have a go at some more Path of Exile to see if I can work out how to play it, seen as it’s enjoying a bit of a resurgence on PC at the moment. I’m not optimistic though, I think a quick episode of The Walking Dead and an early night are in order.

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