For Whom The Bell Tolls

The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season • Complete chapter 6 of episode 4 • 20G • 21.26% of gamers unlocked this

A bit of a late one tonight, which I suspected it might be. With that in mind I figured I better go with an ‘old faithful’ in a Telltale game, but I also knew that I was up to the obnoxious fetch-quest section of the School in The Walking Dead, so I committed early on that I would make it as far as I needed to to get the achievement and then I’d turn it in for the night.

Turns out I just about had to do the whole darn thing for the achievement. Get the fuel, get the medicine, get the battery. Well, certainly provide significant help for each of these items anyway. I knew this part was long, I knew it. It doesn’t make it any more fun though.

Still, it was a nice conclusion to match our viewing of AMC’s The Walking Dead tonight. We just met Neagan if you’re trying to place where we’re up to, and the encounter has gone badly for the group. I am curious to see where this storyline goes – other than the obvious character death(s) which happen next season (and were spoiled for me a long time ago).

This achievement essentially concludes episode 4, which I’m unsurprisingly pleased about. There’s another subsequent achievement but it’s more to wrap things up. I’m definitely on the home stretch for the series, and next is one of the great episodes of the franchise.

Exciting stuff to come …


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