Into The Fire

The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season • Arrived on the hospital roof • 20G • 21.56% of gamers unlocked this

Because, why not? Right? I figured it’d be worth pushing on with The Walking Dead seen as I’m so close to the end. It’s actually kind of nice to have the slower pace of a narrative game from time to time, and despite already knowing the story, and more importantly, the ending, I’m enjoying the final push towards the end of the first season of Telltale’s leading IP.

I actually thought there would be an earlier achievement for this episode when I stared this morning. There is an early decision you have to make concerning Lee’s arm, so I figured there’d be an achievement here as there so often is with big decisions, but alas, it wasn’t to be.

This weekend is expected to be fairly quiet, and despite my whinging about PlayStation, I just picked up the Grand Theft Auto trilogy for under $20, so I’m giving serious consideration to spending some time with that this weekend. I really just wanted to play it on Xbox, but I can’t see anywhere where it’s an option and my nostalgia for San Andreas and Vice City is pretty strong (I never finished GTA3). We’ll see – if you haven’t worked out I’m fairly fickle when it comes to deciding what to play, so there’s a good chance I’ll just end up back on Destiny for a final session in the last week before D2 launches.

Actually, that’s not a bad idea …


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