Chicken of the Sea

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City • Snipe a seagull • Bronze Trophy • Rarity 16.0% (Rare)

I am getting all sorts of nostalgia from playing Vice City. I’ve been chipping away at missions and trying my hand at a few side quests today that are attached to a trophy of some description – but after having a look at the trophy list, there was one that stood out to me as a ‘must have.’ Blowing a goddamn seagull out of the sky with a sniper rifle.

I first thought that the seagulls would be similar to the ones in GTA4, as in actually modelled and built into the game, but then you realise that this was released in 2002 and that you need to lower your expectations a bit. No, in this instance, seagulls are little more than a thin black line against a fairly linear background, and wow … can they move fast. It first took me a while to get a sniper rifle, finally managing to track one down at the centre of the maze at Diaz’s mansion, and then it really is a wait-and-see approach. I went down to the beach first (again, expecting the modelled seagulls), but once I zipped around there for a bit, I was fairly certain that I was doing it wrong. So, I thought about it for a minute and then realised that I’d actually have to get out and shoot one of those thin black lines.

Because this trophy was so satisfying, I’m adding it to my trophy a month list. Vice City is still an amazing journey, even after 15 years (gee graphics have come a long way), and while I’m suffering through having to play on PlayStation, I’d argue, like L’Oréal, it’s worth it.


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