Lowest Point 

Grand Theft Auto IV • You completed the mission “Roman’s Sorrow” • 5G • 36.41% of gamers unlocked this

A little more Grand Theft Auto today. I’ve actually probably spent more time playing Skylanders Superchargers on the PlayStation today – not because I wanted to, but because it seemed to be the only cheap second hand copy I’ve been able to find anywhere for a long time. For what it’s worth – it’s a fun little game, as good as any of the other games in the series, but whoever is buying it on Xbox just doesn’t seem to be trading it in, and so I was left with a sub-$20 version on PlayStation. Never fear, I’m sure it’ll come down eventually as people clear out their old junk ready for whatever console they buy next – but in the interests of being able to use the small collection of Skylander vehicles we seem to have in the house, it seemed like an appropriate purchase.

Anyway, back to GTA.

I haven’t really done anything in the way of ‘side’ quests today. It’s just been straight campaign in order to get to the next milestone. I think that the new island I’m on allows me to have an attempt at the ‘take a taxi without skipping between islands’ achievement now, which I will try tomorrow on account of not having the entire place to myself in the evening, and what seems to be a fairly action-packed sort of day. Insert groan here.

Today is also Father’s Day, and my family were kind enough to buy me a new Nintendo … hat! I love it. I had been eyeing off one of the Overwatch or Destiny hats, but there’s nothing to stop me grabbing either of those down the track. A man can never have enough hats!

I spent the morning watching the Major Nelson Radio Livestream at PAX West where he announced that he recently welcomed the arrival of a new baby girl! I know he’s an avid Twitter user, so I shouted out my congratulations to the Major and his wife … and while the stream was happening, he wrote back! The proximity to gaming fame will never not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling, and it is nice to somewhat abstractly share in his joy. I know the American’s aren’t celebrating Father’s Day, but it seemed like an apt day to announce the news nonetheless.

This afternoon I’m spending some analogue time with the kids. While I’m writing this, my son is getting his Pokemon cards set up. Neither of us really have any idea to play, but we like to look at them and talk about them and just generally get nerdy together about things like this. My daughter is doing her best to destroy them all and generally antagonise her older brother.

I love every minute of it.


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