It’ll Cost Ya

Grand Theft Auto IV • You made a taxi trip from one island to another without skipping • 5G • 16.89% of gamers unlocked this

I told you I was saving this achievement for today.

I think one of the greatest things to be added to the GTA series has been taxis, even the mechanism which allows you to sit back and relax, drive a bit quicker or skip the journey all together has been well executed. There’s no great skill involved in this achievement, the hardest part involved finding a cab (I didn’t want to call and be unable to quickly cancel and flag one down) but in fictional Liberty City, cabs are aplenty, so it probably took all-up a minute for one to saunter past.

I set a waypoint. We drove.

What was perhaps more exciting today was that, at the end of the trip, one of the ‘strangers and friends’ (at least I think that’s what it’s called in GTAV) icons was nearby, so I went over to meet Badman! I thought it was just going to be a quick tick-and-flick encounter, but instead, Badman and Niko went off on a little ‘kill the Russians’ mission all on their own. I didn’t dawdle here, it was Monday morning and I had to get to work, but it was a nice, short slaughter in the end, and I was able to chalk up some more progress for the day.

In other gaming news, we’re also getting very close to the launch of Destiny 2. There’s a midnight launch tomorrow which I don’t think I can be bothered with, but I also hear there’s a 7GB day one patch to install, so it would be good to have that working away in the background while I’m at my day job so as to have uninhibited gaming that evening (Wednesday). I’ll report back what I decide … I’m a fickle man with ever-changing whims.

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