Ready for Departure 

Halo: Spartan Strike [iOS]• Complete Operation C • 10G • 12.53% of gamers unlocked this

Woah, Nelly. Xbox achievements really don’t like it when you go off-script do they? I thought I might have gotten an achievement for finishing the first level of Destiny 2 this morning – but knock me down with a feather, the game only has thirteen achievements and none of them look like ‘quick wins’, so, being Wednesday, I decided to make a push for an iOS achievement during my lunch break. My persistence paid off.

I’ve likely said it before, but I’ll say it again: Microsoft really should push Xbox as a service rather than a product. iOS Xbox Achievements fill the much-needed void Microsoft has in the handheld space, and in lieu of coming out with an Xbox handheld, putting a bet on iOS/Android games is a sure-fire way to keep things in the family. Who know what other strategic decisions are being made out of Redmond about what products and ‘things’ are yet to come, but for what it’s worth … Nadella is right on the money when he says he wants to bring Microsoft where people already are. For example, the iPhone.

Anyway, back to Halo. I only had a few levels left on this chapter but they were surprisingly hard. It probably didn’t help that I was playing at my desk on my lunch break, and super conscious about people judging me for playing games at work, but if they knew the challenge I think they’d understand. Alternatively, another thought comes to mind: who gives a toss?

Tonight’s goal: get the kids to bed, eat dinner (it’s now 8.30pm!), watch The Newsroom (which we are loving) and, if energy and enthusiasm permits, play some Destiny 2.

Right now, that energy is looking very very low. Hopefully a serve of Pad Thai will remedy that.


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