The People’s Hero

Destiny 2 • Complete a Heroic public event • 40G • 44.62% of gamers unlocked this

Ahh, a Destiny 2 achievement. Oh how I’ve yearned thee. Of course this appears to be one of the most accessible out of the thirteen achievements available, but at least my Xbox account no longer has 0/1000G beside this category.

Truth be told, the first mission I was let off the leash for saw me stumble into the middle of the titular public event, so it was simply a case of keeping up with the other Guardians playing until a timer ran down to zero and collected my achievement. There were some delightfully designed bad guys as part of this encounter, but I’ve been enjoying the art style consistently with Destiny 2 so far, so it’s rapidly becoming an expectation rather than the exception.

My efforts tonight are largely to do with progression. Get my Guardian levelled up and raid-ready. I don’t know if that’s possible in a short space of time – I’m currently sitting on Level 5 – but Destiny has always been a slow burn for me. Good luck to those Level 20 players I see running around the map – I hope the grind paid off! I’ve just unlocked the moon, Titan so that’s my next stop!

Eyes up, Guardians!


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