Gold Medalist

Forza Motorsport 5 • Earn 5 gold medals in Career races • 5G • 46.65% of gamers unlocked this

You know how I said yesterday that I probably wouldn’t load up Forza again? Yeah, what I meant to say was: I wouldn’t be loading it up again if my entire Sunday hadn’t been booked up and I didn’t think I could grab an achievement after midnight to meet the challenge.

Yesterday when I wrote my blog entry I kept nearly falling asleep in the chair, and here I am at 12.45am trying not to do that again! But I’m going to persevere, much like I just had to do to get this achievement. I probably would have been a bit proactive in pursuing this achievement had I known, but then I wouldn’t have been able to cash it in for Sunday, so there’s the silver lining!

Anyway. Another achievement for Forza ticked off the list. Tick! Next life goal: sleep. 


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