I’ll be waiting …

Hatoful Boyfriend • Get the BBL Ending • Silver Trophy • Rarity 8.7% (Very Rare)

I spent this weekend and the early hours of this morning getting 100% of the PlayStation trophies for a pidgeon dating simulator. I think, if anything, that’s probably good catalyst to go away and have a good, long hard think about one’s life choices.

Look, I don’t know what the hell is going on in Hatoful Boyfriend. I tried to read the Wikipedia article and digest the plot summary and I think I’m now even more confused. The basic premise is that 80% of the game requires you to play a human teenager trying to run the complicated gauntlet of high school dating … with birds. Then, once you’ve essentially unlocked all those stories, you get to the ‘real’ story and … my God, it’s a very different tale. And a longer tale too – I thought I’d be able to breeze through it before bed last night, but ended up falling asleep and waking up with the Vita beside my pillow. So, I pushed on with the story this morning until its equally strange conclusion.

I’m not going to lie – this isn’t really my kind of game. I didn’t realise it was less a game and more a visual novel, but not in the same mould as Telltale … far more … Japanese.

If anything, this experience has given me a new appreciation for my Vita. This is portable gaming done properly – I still have a distaste for PlayStation and, more specifically, the PSN, but you can’t fault the Vita’s ability to deliver console-level quality on-the-go. If I’m to keep getting the same mileage out of my Vita as I think it deserves, I suspect I may have to get used to these style of Japanese clicker narratives.

Time will tell if that suits my tastes or not.


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