The Marsh House

The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season • Arrived at your destination • 20G • 21.04% of gamers unlocked this

Nearly there. Or at least I thought I was until I looked at the achievement list! It seems like the chapters from the short standalone expansion, 400 Days have been bundled into the same achievements as the main game, which is fine but it is a pain when you are chasing that ever-illusive 100%. For all of PlayStation’s faults, the trophy system that breaks out DLC and allows for platinum achievements to recognise game completion seperate to the DLC is brilliant.

What’s more impressive was that I was able to find time to game at all today. With the in-laws staying, I half expected I’d need to attempt a sneaky remote play on my PC if the night was getting on with no sign, but sooner rather than later everyone went to bed and I had a free 15 minutes to grab an achievement. I left the game at that tonight as I’m fairly confident that the final achievement(s) are close by and near to the end – I’m almost certain you’ll see them appear on Wednesday night when I’m pushed for time too.

Nothing much happened in this chapter. As I suspect happens in most variants of the final mission, Lee is left alone to fight through hoards of zombies and make his way to find Clementine. Which he does, and he enters the titular Marsh House.

I promise you folks, the ending is going to be sensational!

Watch this space …


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