Zavala’s Lieutenant 

Destiny 2 • Acquire each Titan subclass • 60G • 16.13% of gamers unlocked it 

I swear, an hour ago I was ready for bed, but as it edged closer and closer to midnight, I seized an opportunity to grab an achievement before I spend the day with the kids tomorrow.

Of course, that’s what I started writing a little after midnight before passing out with my phone in my hand, so here I am, 15 hours later finally doing my blog entry on today’s achievement. It feels good to have these achievements so much more accessible than they seemed on vanilla Destiny, and because they’re achievable, they make me more enthusiastic about playing my other characters. I spent some time this morning building up both my PlayStation Titan, as well as moving further through the story with my Xbox Hunter – and man, I love my Hunter’s special. Twirling around with an electrified quarterstaff really floats my boat. My end-goal is to get this same achievement across all three of the character types, so hopefully I can record that as my daily achievement if-and-when it happens.

In terms of general gameplay, I’ve been trying to get involved with every public event that I stumble across, simply because I heard from the Fireteam Chat guys that it seemed like the best way to level. I don’t know if that’s true … the cadence of the general story seems to be at-pace with the way you need to level to be 20 by the time you reach the end (see my earlier achievement to demonstrate this) but I have the time and inclination to experiment, so I will.


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