Journey Begun

World of Tanks • Completed a story chapter successfully • 10G • 3.62% of gamers unlocked this

I have played a lot of Destiny 2 today. A lot. Across both PlayStation and Xbox, I’ve spent some time with my clan mates (I’m the founder so it’s nice to put in an appearance every now and then!), and made some progress across most of my characters today.

What I didn’t do in Destiny 2, however, is earn an achievement.

I thought today’s achievement would be as simple as visiting Xur, who was, quite literally, up a tree, but it seems like the achievement requirements need you to actually buy something before it unlocks. My big fat bank balance of zero legendary marks (if that’s what they’re called now?) meant that I was SOL, so ended up just pursuing a few more levels on both my Xbox Hunter, and PlayStation Titan. In-between I filled in some time with my other characters.

When it became apparent that today really wasn’t the day for a Destiny 2 achievement, I fired up the NBA 2K18 Prequel I had loaded the other night. Last year’s Prequel offered a short story about the protagonist, you, being accepted onto the basketball circuit, by which you could earn a few hundred gamerscore for free. This time around, however, they couldn’t even be bothered programming in some achievements. I took the liberty of checking the achievement list before I dove too deep down the NBA2K rabbit hole, and I was glad I did, because earning 0/0G is nice for alpha and beta testing, but unhelpful if your goal is the titular ‘achievement a day’.

The delete button followed shortly thereafter.

So, I had a trawl through my games list to see what I might like. I had downloaded World of Tanks as part of my free-to-play session the other day, so I fired it up. I was fairly sure I’d already played a bit of it, but I had zero gamerscore so perhaps I did so on PlayStation or PC. Nonetheless, I opened up the story missions and played through the first level. Nothing earth shattering to report – essentially a basic lesson on how to point and shoot.

One of the nice things I saw in playing was this splash screen stating that were throwing their support behind ‘Team Rubicon’, a charity that deploys military veterans to disaster zones. What a great concept – and an excellent use of unique skills. The gaming community has done a great job of supporting victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, including my favourite, Bungie, who sold pins (which I ordered) and an in-game Destiny 2 player banner.

Loot that helps a good cause? Count me in.


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