New Toy

World of Tanks • You’ve acquired your first upgrade • 5G • 44.54% of gamers unlocked this

Not really much to this one – I actually thought I might get the ‘complete basic training’ achievement, but again there was a sneaky little intro achievement buried in the list so it popped and I’ll save the rest of the introductory achievements for another day.

It’s all part of the tutorial really. Click this button. Choose this upgrade. Do this. Do that. It’s a paint by numbers achievement but I think that every game should at least have one or two of them. For some of us, they’re our bread and butter!

Destiny 2 on the other hand … all looking achieveable, with planning. I think not being in a rush to get my Level 20 Titan up to be raid ready is not a bad strategy. It’s nice to have another character up my sleeve – in this case, my Hunter, who might be able to hit Level 20 with a final concerted effort. It’s a shame bounties aren’t part of Destiny‘s sequel, but I think ‘missions’ are supposed to replace them.

I’m sure it’s all stuff I’ll work out once I finally finish levelling up my characters!


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