In A Flash

Destiny 2 • Complete a Flashpoint • 80G • 43.30% of gamers unlocked this

I had anticipated earning this achievement tonight, but if I’m perfectly honest, I did have a moment’s pause when I found out it was public events on Titan I needed to complete, rather than simply Patrols. Nonetheless, the barrier to entry wasn’t that high, and three public events, intermingled with a quest or two, and I had this achievement tidied up within the hour.

From there, I went on with a few clan mates to attempt this week’s Nightfall strike. Yuck. I enjoy Destiny, but the modifiers on the strike make me have all sorts of feelings, and to be honest, the majority are unpleasant. I suspect that there is a euphoria one experiences in completing a Nightfall, traditionally reserved for Dark Souls players who defeat a boss – but I might just have to wait until my character is a ‘little’ higher in power level before I add value to the team (the starting point is 230, recommended 240, I’m on about 237).

I don’t think there’s any ‘short term’ achievements in reach for tomorrow night (remembering also that it’s Wednesday) so I might try and finish off The Walking Dead or try for something with a bit of a guaranteed pay-off. Sometimes, these things are decided for you based on time and availability!


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