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The Wolf Among Us • Completed Chapter 1 of Episode 1 • 20G • 68.99% of gamers unlocked this

So, I made a call and decided to revisit Bigby Wolf and the cast of Fables for their Telltale outing in The Wolf Among Us this morning. I figured a break between sessions with Clementine would probably be a welcome change, not just for me but for the blog as well – there’s only so much excitement one can derive from a story about zombies (that applies to the TV series as well), and fictional characters living in contemporary New York seems like a good alternative in the meantime. 


Unlike The Walking Dead, I’ve only ever played The Wolf Among Us on PlayStation (it might have even been on Vita) so this is only my second playthrough of the title. The ending of this game left me utterly confused, so I’m hoping that a second viewing with a fresh set of eyes may help fill-in-the-gaps, and to some extent, I’ve already picked up on things that I know are explained later (ie. “My lips are sealed.”) so I’m hoping for more of this going forward.

In other gaming news, my journey with my Warlock in Destiny 2 continues … I’m currently sitting at about Level 6 or 7 and having a bit of fun for what amounts to my third playthrough. I’m feeling less ‘rushed’ now, though I’d still love to get a raid under my belt – but there’s time for that.

All in good time.


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