Heart of Darkness 

Destiny 2 • Complete a Nightfall strike • 80G • 35.44% of gamers unlocked this

So, as it turns out, there is actually no achievement for Xur. Encountering an ‘Emissary from Beyond’ is actually something to do with the Trials of the Nine, and nothing to do with simply buying an exotic off Xur.

Sheesh, make me work for my achievements, why don’t you, Bungie?

I was lucky enough to time a request from my clan asking me if there was any interest in a Nightfall strike tonight. I had been grinding away at my Cruicible achievement, which just popped as I reloaded back into the game. Grrr, missed opportunity!

My long-standing issue with Destiny achievements continues.

Nightfall strikes are tough. Very tough. Yes, we failed two times before we succeeded, and we only finished the strike with about thirty seconds to spare – but it seems like this is how strikes have been designed. Fast paced, brutal, dangerous, and designed 100% for a team that knows how to communicate with each other.

Usually, my worst nightmare.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just go and be a little bit more bitter that I wasted a great achievement tonight thanks to a dodgy bit of programming!


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