I Like What You’ve Done There

Trials Fusion • Post a time on another player’s created track • 40G • 12.74% of gamers unlocked this

I’ve never really been a hardcore Trials person. I like the concept. It’s one of those simple to understand, difficult to master ideas that have developed a niche following in the gaming scene, just not with me. I’m not sure if Trials Fusion is part of this month’s Games with Gold, but I’m fairly certain I didn’t buy it so let’s assume, for a second, that’s where I got it from.

By the time I got home at 9.30pm, and then watched an episode of The Newsroom, I had to hunt through my library to grab a quick achievement (I had a terrible time trying to sleep last night and now I’ve paid for it all day). As nice as getting to Level 20 with my Warlock sounds, it’s a challenge for a night where my body doesn’t require an excess of five hours sleep.

I thought there would be more ‘basic’ achievements with Trials, but it seems like many of them are hidden behind expensive DLC, and, as we’ve established I’m not a Trials person … there was little-to-no chance that I was planning on spending some money on level packs I’ll use, at best, once.

This achievement actually required me to play through both sets of Tutorials (strangely divided up between the opening two chapters) so that I could unlock a bike worthy of riding on a community track. I chose the easiest track, the default bike, and simply concentrated on completing it. Finding the track was a bit challenging given the lack of tracks that were available with only the core game, but a bit of metaphoric elbow grease got the job done.

Tomorrow, touch wood, is an easier day. No plans for what to play yet but I’m certain it will be another quick and friendly achievement.


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