Inkling of Power

Trove • Achieve 100 Power Rank • 25G • 40.51% of gamers unlocked this

I have no idea how Trove got on my Xbox. Like Trials Fusion, yesterday, I assume this is a Games with Gold title at some point, though it’s possible that it was one of the free titles that I downloaded the other week.

I’ll be honest, this isn’t really a game that I can see myself investing much time in. It’s certainly a better version of what Minecraft could be, and as a game on its own, it’s fine. There seemed to be plenty of people hanging around the social spaces as well – so I’m a bit unclear about whether this is a niche game that a few people are dedicated too, or if this is actually something popular and I’m just late-to-the-party. 

The net result, however, is likely to be the same. 

I earned a bunch of achievements for this game just following the instructions on screen. I don’t really understand crafting – I never have – so when the next instruction was to ‘craft’ something, I spent about fifteen seconds trying to find where to do it and then just went back for a quick level of Destiny 2.

Still, it’s good to try new things – and it’s even better when you get an achievement or two for doing so.


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