A dish best served cold 

Adventure Pop • Defeated the Chimera Captain • 25G • 26.21% of gamers unlocked this

Today is a massive, back-to-back day, so I was a bit hesitant to try something meaty in terms of achievements, but I also didn’t want to start something new and eat into the ever-growing array of games that I’ve started but never finished.

So, I risked a session of Adventure Pop, with a quick pre-game check of the achievement list, which has now moved on account of the Xbox Operating System update (the second major overhaul since launch), I saw that I was about 85% of the way through this achievement to defeat a boss. It turns out that this percentage roughly equated to one normal level, then a ‘boss’ level, which involves clearing bubbles off your board quicker than the boss can. I’ll admit, I failed the first time because I couldn’t work out if it was turn or speed based, but on my second attempt I got it, and cleared this part of the story.

As part of this blog is intended to give you an insight into the things that make up my day and require me to cram such strange activities like playing Adventure Pop at 6.30am onto my day, I probably owe a little more description into what’s happening in ‘the real world’. Today I find myself in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs working with a client on some User Acceptance Testing for a new system. That’s fine, but it’s quite a journey, and a small three car pileup on the highway as I was travelling in today only exacerbated that time. Mix that in with my usual Wednesday night training, and you start to get a picture that is overwhelmingly lite-on-time.

Even now, I’m cramming this blog entry into a packed day – but this is achievement hunting, and this is part of the challenge.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’ve noticed some formatting errors recently, it seems the WordPress App doesn’t play nice with the updated iOS 11. I think developers rely too much on Apple keeping things safe so that it doesn’t break their apps, rather than just spending some time to make sure they’re compatible during the test beta. I’ll keep trying to wrangle the manual edits as best I can. 


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