Dear Esther • Trigger all voice over points • 150G • 26.46% of gamers unlocked this

With the bulk of my Destiny 2 campaign progress under my belt, I felt like playing something ‘different’ today. There is nothing, perhaps, more different than The Chinese Room’s Dear Esther, in what is colloquially described as a ‘walking simulator’ but what might be better described as an interactive story. 

I didn’t think I’d enjoy it. I pulled a guide off the web and went about systematically ticking off achievements as I went along. Then pieces of the story started to pique my interest, and when it came time for achievement clean-up, I was fully invested. 

One of the other achievements that I completed  (I completed all 1000G today) was listening to all the Director’s commentary. Again, not my usual taste, but I found myself engaged with what the team had to say about narrative, game and music design. There’s not much I can summarise without wanting you to play it yourself, so if you’re able to grab it for about $7 like I did, consider the investment. 

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