Wide Angles 

Life is Strange • Take optional photo #2 in Episode 1: Chrysalis • 10G • 9.82% of gamers unlocked this

Today is the Australian Football League Grand Final, which is a somewhat sacred day in Australia. Enough so that the Victorian Government have given its citizenry a free public holiday in celebration of it. While I’m sure plenty of people are currently experiencing the two extremes of emotion depending on whether you barracked for Richmond (the winners) or Adelaide (the not-so-winners), some of us – well, me – couldn’t give two hoots, and instead took the opportunity to go to the shops where the deserted aisles and car park availability made for a better-than-average experience. 

Like yesterday, I also wanted to play something non-sporty – and while the grand final was on, I helped my mate, Carl finish off his Destiny 2 campaign and then started my Xbox playthrough of Life is Strange

I have played Life is Strange on PlayStation before, but simply never finished it. I suspect it was released around the time that I became increasingly angry and frustrated about the poor PSN, and have just never felt compelled to go back to it. I’d rather just start again, give it a proper start-to-finish run on Xbox, and now, with a prequel on the way, it seems as good a time as any. 

That, and, of course, footy was on today. 


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