Siege Me If You Can

Ryse: Son of Rome • Complete Pax Romana On Any Difficulty • 30G • 38.63% of gamers unlocked this

I am a little bit bitter that I can’t use my delicious 120G achievement from Destiny 2 today after I inadvertently decrypted what must have been my fifteenth exotic late last night. I am doing well, in my view, with Destiny – just over 270 power and climbing. Whatever formula Bungie changed up this time around seems to be working.

But enough talk from Bungie Island, today I felt like playing something more visceral, and decided to push on with the Ryse: Son of Rome campaign. It’s been a little while since I last played, so some foreign narrative crept in from time to time, but the premise is simple. Get in, kill Barbarians, get out.

Here’s a truth that most other people wouldn’t normally admit – I’ve actually forgotten how to block. Instead, I’ve been rolling out of the way before I’m attacked, but I think there’s a few enemies that actually rely on you blocking them for a successful counter, so I’m currently beating them with sheer endurance rather than skill. A hit every now and then rather than a sustained assault. I didn’t want to invest too much time in Googling a manual or instructions, tonight was about making a small chunk of progress before I either do a swing back through Destiny 2 or watch an excellent final season of The Newsroom. I’m sitting in one of the kid’s rooms waiting for them to go to sleep so once they’re off, I’ll have a better sense as to how much time I have left in the day.

In other words, watch this space.


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