From The Dead 

Ryse: Son of Rome • Become The Righteous Hand Of Vengence • 30G • 37.75% of gamers unlocked this

Daylight savings is making a bit of a mess of my evening schedule. We didn’t eat dinner until 7.30pm tonight, which is normally when we’d start thinking about putting the kids in bed – and then they wanted a bath instead of a shower and the evening rapidly became a cacophony of sorts, and I’m left trying to milk an achievement with an hour left in my day. 

Ryse was there for me. Good ol’ Ryse. As I skimmed through my library tonight, it occurred to me that I haven’t downloaded a whole heap of ‘steady’ achievement earners. That is, games that give you a steady feed of achievements just for playing the game. The Call of Duty series gives you an achievement at the end of each level (sometimes two if you do it on the hardest difficulty), as does Halo. Right now, the only semi-serialised game I have on rotation is Rise of the Tomb Raider, and even it has hard-to-determine beats, particularly when there’s so many side-quests and areas to explore. 

It is a difficult appetite to sate. 

Nonetheless, Ryse is a great game which has gotten a little strange in the narrative, but gameplay wise – easy to learn, difficult to master. I may have described it that way before, because it’s accurate! Tonight’s mission saw me navigate my way to the family villa, then fight some soldiers for the privilege of heading to the coliseum. I finished one round there before I decided I need to head to bed and write this achievement up. I may try and polish off this chapter in the morning. My Wednesday’s are already a nightmare, let’s not try and cram another few hours of gaming into my day!


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