Never Give Up, Never Surrender 

Ryse: Son of Rome • Defeat Commodus • 30G • 36.09% of gamers unlocked this

There is a great episode of the old series Bless This House, where Sid is telling his wife about a sign over his boss’ desk which reads ‘Never Explain, Never Apologise’. I don’t know why, but this achievement title prompted me to think about that a bit this evening, so it seems apt to share it with you too. 

I didn’t get a chance to play anything this morning on account of a bad night with a teething toddler, so it was a post-dinner session with Ryse that again sees me satisfied for the day. The game has this weird structure of achievements which I touched on last time, where you end up essentially getting two achievements per level. Not that I’m complaining! 

Tonight’s achievement is for killing one of the Emporer’s sons, and it was a satisfying boss battle. The utilisation of common ‘ninja’ techniques, such as multiple antagonists (the ninjas in Just Cause 2 spring to mind) and semi-quick time events are doing a good job to bring the story of Ryse through to completion – and I’m loving it. It’s a shame it’s on PC as well so Xbox can’t wave the “exclusivity” release flag, but it’s a good game – the more people that get a chance to play it the better. 

And they should … Crytek have done and amazing job with this one. 

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