Veni, Vidi, Vici

Ryse: Son of Rome • Complete The Game On Any Difficulty • 50G • 32.35% of gamers unlocked this 

One of Xbox’s perceived failings is its inability to keep AAA exclusivity on some of its titles. Even worse, some of the non-exclusive titles have jumped ship to support PS4 … Titanfall, Call of Duty, even Destiny (or, more specifically, Bungie) in some respects. I am somewhat frustrated that Ryse came at a time when Matrick and Ballmer were driving the Xbox brand off a cliff, because it is a damn good game. A damn good game. It’s pretty, it’s got an interesting storyline, and despite the fact that it probably tries a ‘bit’ too hard to integrate Kinect, it’s just not a game that I want to be screaming ‘fire’ at every time I need my archers to do something. Thank God, then, for innovation, and integrating a few button presses to avoid unnecessary, and questionably appropriate phrases.

The last mission essentially consisted of  finishing off Boudica and killing the Emporer. It was a satisfying, but not all together difficult boss battle – for which the entire game trains you well for between learning strikes, heavy strikes, dodge and counters. I spent a little bit of time playing ‘multiplayer’ (which you can do solo) which is essentially wave combat in the coliseum doing different battles with different enemies. Fun, but not keep-this-on-your-Xbox-forever fun. 

I tip my hat to Crytek for a great, stand-alone game. A shame this game didn’t get a proper chance to shine. 


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