Bloody Centurion

Ryse: Son of Rome • Defeat 100 Enemies In Multiplayer • 15G • 19.25% of gamers unlocked this 

I had a bit of a thought around 11.30pm last night as I was winding up some Destiny 2 strikes that I should just persevere and wait until midnight ticked over and try for a Ryse achievement, but instead I opted to go to bed and I don’t regret the decision. With that in mind, I knew that I was going to pursue this achievement today, and I knew that it would only take one or two sessions in the coliseum, and it did – so I managed to get a good night’s sleep and an achievement today, and, in my mind, that’s essentially two milestones I really, really wanted to obtain today. 

Tonight I have my mates coming over for pizza and a boys night in, which pleases me no end. It’s my ideal kind of night – well, any night that has pizza in it is usually good in my book, but having my achievement ticked off the list for the day certainly takes away one less item from my to-do list as well. 

Now, time for some coffee and a shower. 


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