Gone Home 

Gone Home: Console Edition • Completed the game • 100G • 28.37% of gamers unlocked this

Off the back of my fun with Dear Esther, I thought I’d kick-off my console run of Gone Home, another of a tranche of walking simulators that all seemed to drop around the same time. I have played this before, on PC, and I’m fairly sure I had to Google and Wikipedia my way through the story then (much like Dear Esther), but at least I’m coming at the game with a different slant this time – as an Achievement Hunter.

I got this achievement by simply looking at what I needed to do for the ‘speed run’ achievement of the game. I’ll be honest – I made a few attempts at it this morning, but I either failed repeatedly or the achievement is glitched (both plausible scenarios) so I shall try again later tonight or tomorrow. There’s a few other achievements scattered throughout that require much more detailed examination than what I’ve delivered, but they require energy, and energy is something a little more than what I’ve got the spare right now. 


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