The Death Wish of a Shady Man

Murdered: Soul Suspect • Became a ghost and met a strange ghost girl • 25G • 68.77% of gamers unlocked this

I feel like, if I was a smart achievement hunter, I actually would have paced myself through the first few levels of Murdered: Soul Suspect, seen as, in the course of half an hour, I earned nearly 10% of the available achievements from the game. There are a lot of ‘firsts’ available to get achievements for in Murdered. First collectable, first possession, first demon defeated, and so on – all of which kind of happen in a short space of time in what is, effectively, the tutorial. 

I’m actually also really enjoying what I’ve played so far. Interesting mechanics in hiding and defeating demons, a little bit of detective work on the side, and I’m interested to know more about the ‘stories’ in-game (which there’s also achievements for) … I think I’m going to have some fun exploring here. 

If I’m perfectly honest, I didn’t anticipate starting a new game tonight. I went back through my library looking for an older title that I could make a dent in, and settled on The Division. I am so, overwhelmingly, disappointed in that game. I don’t know what I was expecting. I think, perhaps, if there was less PVP and more single player content, then I might have hung in there a bit longer, but to be honest, I was so miffed just being back in the world, I turned it off for my own mental well being. Which led me to Soul Suspect. 

Tomorrow is a busy day, but I may be able to squeeze an achievement in first-thing. It will depend on how my juggling of the kids and breakfast and getting myself ready for work goes against the clock – but I’ll try. I’m good at trying. If not, then I’m sure there’s one or two ‘first’ achievements still waiting for me in Soul Suspect … and if not, then I’m kind of keen to explore the mystery a bit as well. 

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