One of Us 

Murdered: Soul Suspect • Revisited the scene of your murder and discovered there was a witness • 25G • 42.59% of gamers unlocked this 

I had a chance to play some more Soul Suspect this morning as the kids had breakfast. Probably still not great to have on in the background, but better than examining a severed head like I need to do in The Wolf Among Us to proceed. 

I spent the morning pretty much searching the apartment where our protagonist had his final struggle for clues when this achievement popped. It came as part of the more ‘detective’ sections of the story, which I still haven’t mastered, considering that I needed 14 clues for completion in the apartment but in order to proceed you have to first ‘finish’ one of the investigations (Why was the killer in the apartment) in order to trigger the second investigation (Where did the witness go) and unlock the remaining clues. It’s a frustrating mechanic, but now that I know about it I’m probably better positioned to keep playing. 

In other news, I also started watching Star Trek Discovery last night which I’m absolutely loving. I actually hovered over the icon for Star Trek Online last night but figured I best work on an achievement instead, so because I’ve done today’s, I may very well have a little session tonight. Or I’ll just keep watching the TV series – time will tell (though the whole series hasn’t finished releasing yet which is frustrating – I miss the old Netflix). 


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