You’ll Need More Than That, Mantis!

Sky Force Anniversary • Destroy 1000 Enemies • Bronze Trophy • Rarity 55.7% (Common)

This month’s trophy is another Vita outing as I felt unable to properly get excited about a PS4 game tonight. I expect that I’ll get less and less excited as we move closer to the release of Project Scorpio, which my entire library is just busting to switch (see what I did there) to, and if I’m perfectly honest, so am I. 

This is a fun little top-down shooter which is already pretty hard at level three. It’s going to take some time to build up my plane enough with missiles and lasers and bombs to make it a bit easier, but I get the sense the game was designed to pack a slow burn. If anything the trophy list supports that – all the way along you find yourself grinding things you need to collect, but it’s a fun grind … just long. 

I’m ticking this one off as my achievement for the month. No correspondence will be entered into. 


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