Lieutenant Commander 

Star Trek Online • Reached Level 10 with one character • 30G • 16.30% of gamers unlocked this 

It’s probably quite telling how unpopular STO is. Heck, it was October last year that I previously earned an achievement in this game, and I’m yet to see any considerable leaps and bounds in terms of polish. I remember originally abandoning the game because there were two game-breaking bugs that caused me to want to throw my controller through the TV – the first was failing to load into Spacedock because it had difficulty handling multiple users in the one area (kind of essential for an online game), and the other was a failure to enter a particular system (I think it was the Sol system from memory) which meant I couldn’t progress in the story. 

So, yeah, let’s be thankful that some changes have been made. 

I had a fair bit of time this afternoon so I had planned on giving STO a good bash and either grabbing a level achievement like this one, or finishing one of the story arcs. I wasn’t particularly fussed ‘which’ one I grabbed, but I have to say, Level 10 and the addition of a new ship – this one the USS Chicago – gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. 

I think I like the idea of STO online more than the actual execution. Much like Lord of the Rings Online, I’ve wanted to live in these worlds since I was a little boy, and now they have been recreated in such enthusiastic detail that I’ve found they don’t quite fill the void. I mean, they’re good games, but somewhere along the way the passion for an open world RPG in some of my favourite worlds (I was a long-time MU*er in both Star Trek and LOTR), and the increased pressures of being an adult failed to harmonise. Perhaps it would be a different story if I were 15 years younger. 

I’ll be honest. I don’t necessarily enjoy playing STO, but I am curious to see if my new ship, a slightly increased power cap and some different missions can spice things up a bit – but you know what they say about the definition of crazy …

(And for those who don’t know what I’m talking about and have an inability to use Google, the saying goes: the definition of crazy is doing the same thing and expecting a different result)


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