No Man’s Land II

Battle Islands • Remove 8 obstacles from your islands • 50G • 20.21% of gamers unlocked this

Sometimes the Gaming Gods are kind … earning an achievement after midnight on the weekend turned out to be a wise decision, after I had a not-insignificant fall yesterday and ended up in hospital with a dislocated shoulder. With a body full of morphine and less sleep than I would have liked, I suspect a decent gaming session in the evening was a bit of a stretch.

With that in mind, I did start my playthrough of Battle Islands last night, which, from memory, is a little free-to-play title from the Xbox store, and while half-asleep and resting on the couch, I earned myself the achievement for finishing the tutorial. There’s a lot of incentive to buy gold or resources and such down some microtransaction money from the player in this game, which I hate – but I was still concsious that there was an opportunity to earn another acheivement tonight, this time for clearing the island of eight objects, which I did without too much complaint.

Battle Islands isn’t a bad game, but I think it would benefit from slightly improved UI. Something like Age of Empires on mobile, for example, in which the cursor actually responds to things you click and interact with. I’m not entirely sure what the crosshairs do in this version, but they seem to offer nothing particularly exciting.

Right now, I’m tidying up the rest of this blog entry then I’m giving serious consideration to just climbing into bed. It’s felt like an incredibly long weekend (and a long Monday).


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