The Long Goodbye 

The Wolf Among Us • Completed Chapter 3 of Episode 1 • 20G • 59.34% of gamers unlocked this. 

When I get myself organised, I actually do a pretty good job of making sure I’m not struggling at the end of the day to score an achievement – but today’s reward comes as a result of an early alarm set by my wife in order to deliver on a whirlwind morning (she now has to drive me to work for a few weeks on account of my dicky shoulder) and needing to get kids to Kinder, herself to personal training and me to work, all before 9am! Throw in the usual rounds of breakfast and getting dressed and helping a disabled husband tie his shoes, then you can probably empathise with her wanting to get a jump on the morning. 

It also allowed me to grab an achievement when I’d otherwise be under a lot of pressure tonight. Sure, I could still grab this progress achievement from The Wolf Among Us as easy at night as I do in the morning – but it’s still a risk. It relies on me being home in enough time to actually turn the Xbox on, plus it relies on me not being half-drunk or too tired to focus on the screen. This way, nobody cares, and it’s nobody’s fault except my own. 

I managed to get the ‘examine the severed head’ bit out of the way before either of the kids were awake this morning so really all they got to see was Bigby walking into Icabod Crane’s office. I doubt there’s any long term psych damage in that fairly innocuous act. A few clicks here, and next thing you know you’re at the end of the story section – so it’s not rocket science. Just good old fashioned sense of adventure. 

Though right now, I’d like a good old fashion uninterrupted eight hours of sleep! The silver lining of an early alarm always has an evil twin. 


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