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Dishonored 2 • Saved the Printer of Dunwall Courier • 15G • 18.43% of gamers unlocked this

So, I finally decided to get stuck into Dishonored 2, after what seemed to be the never ending day today, and a particularly brutal day for staring at computer screens and preparing a report. The Executives who read my report better darn well get some bonuses, and then give the economy a boost by sharing the wealth. Trickle down economics work best when there’s some trickle down. 

I’ve been so excited to finally start playing D2, that I started looking at the achievement list early. I settled on this one this afternoon as a ‘quick win’, regardless of what I assumed would be some early progress achievements in the game. Sure enough there is an achievement for the first level with a 77% completion rate, so to see such a huge drop off for an achievement you earn in the first level is telling that people are simply speed running through the main narrative. That’s fine – I’m normally one of those people too – but when there’s a chance for a few extra GS, then I’m a sucker for that as well. 

The achievement guide was fairly broad in what I had to do (and I typically don’t look at the video guides), so it was a matter of trial-and-error to find the right building but I got there in the end. It’s fun to have achievements like this in the game – it just ‘adds’ something to the enjoyment. A non-progress achievement littered into a level to enhance the narrative ‘a bit.’ Sometimes, ‘a bit’ is all you need. If you’ve got a good game and the story isn’t so ambiguous that it relies on this supplementary beats, then all it can do is enhance.

And Dishonored 2 does that well. 

The only thing that does bother me is the goddamn Xbox game patching. I understand some things are built with Xbox Live in mind, but surely there are some legacy brains in the company who learned early-on that people’s level of internet service varied widely. Surely? The patch as of October 19, 2017 is currently over 9GB large, which is not insignificant, and while I’m happy to download it and have it seemlessly apply in the background, I don’t think it should be a mandatory feature that stops all achievements and network (Xbox Live) features until it’s applied! There was little chance that I was going to be able to patch the game and earn this achievement tonight, so instead I had to go offline just so I could play the unpatched game, then try and boot in long enough to have the achievements register against my account. Somewhere between the game booting out and starting to update again, the achievements popped – so a bit of win for the human over the machine …

… for now. 


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