The Lovers 

Dishonored 2 • Linked 2 characters with Domino just before one killed the other • 10G • 5.67% of gamers unlocked this

Do you see this, folks? This is a proper achievement. Something that is slightly whimsical, but at the same time a little bit challenging. These are, undoubtedly, my favourite achievements. 

I am so overwhelmingly tired tonight that I figured I would just earn an achievement, any achievement, from Dishonored 2 and call it a night. It’s currently 10.30pm and I feel like I’ve been going for three days straight, so while I may have already extended my goal a bit (I earned a progress achievement just before this one), I am satisfied I did so to earn this delightful little reward. 

I’m using a bit of a guide from Xbox Achievements for this playthrough of Dishonored 2, only because it’s so well written that I got a bit sucked in as I skimmed the guide prior to starting the game. In doing so, I was guided to doing this achievement early on so as to be able to go back to a ‘Sliding Doors’ moment, reload, and continue through the game for other achievements. 

The domino power which this achievement springs from is new for the Dishonored series, and is unique to the character of Emily. I’ll be sticking with Emily for this playthrough, (re)starting tomorrow as I attempt a power-free campaign. 

For now though, now we sleep! 


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