A Polite Conversation

The Turing Test • A Polite Conversation • 50G • 22.15% of gamers unlocked this 

I suspect that this achievement’s description matches its title simply to avoid any spoilers, but for a game that is roughly supposed to last two hours, I think I’ve made insufficient progress and I’m sufficiently ignorant enough of the plot to avoid giving anything away.

Welcome to The Turing Test, which is one of this month’s Xbox Live Gold freebies, and for all intents and purposes … it’s Portal. Without the portals. A series of increasingly difficult rooms where you solve puzzles using your non-lethal gun and interact with a charming AI. Sound familiar?

Look, slight bewilderment aside, it’s not a bad game. Lest I be the one to say ‘No’ to more games like Portal, I’m working on 100%’ing this simply because it looks achievable first time through – a huge selling point. 

Anyway, I’ll smash through this over the next few days then see where my library leads me. 


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