Unpopular Mayor

Cities: Skylines • Have 15% happiness • 10G • 16.42% of gamers unlocked this

I don’t know if you know this about me – but I’m not very good at city building games, I have questionable skill when it comes to managing The Sims, and I once ditched a Helicopter into Sydney Harbour on a flight simulator at the Navy Fleet Air Arm Museum.

So, it shouldn’t really come as any surprise that I managed to get an achievement for bottoming-out the happiness rating of my citizens during this freeplay weekend of Cities: Skylines.

I had actually grabbed a quick achievement for The Wolf Among Us this morning, in anticipation of playing a more ‘slow burn’ game, like Star Trek Online, or even a bit of Destiny 2. But I noticed that Cities had a free play weekend for Gold Members, and I figured ‘why not?’. I met my expectations for exactly how good I thought I would be playing it, but I still earned a few gamerscore more than what I would have had I dedicated my afternoon elsewhere. I am equally pleased that I spent the time grabbing a few achievements as I am that I didn’t have to pay for the game. Sometimes, I absolutely throw my money at games after a free-play weekend if I like what I see – they’re a marketing tool that has had varying levels of success on me over the years, and I suspect that others have found frustration in the games which I found captivating. Cities is exactly what it sounds like … a new version of Sim City.

And, I can say with my hand on my heart, that it’s not for me.

Strangely, Xbox.com recognises this as a Windows 10 achievement, so I suspect that it’s using the Universal Windows Platform, or whatever it is they use to control cross-play between console and PC. I absolutely, positively, have not played this on Windows 10 … with the exception of my work computer, I haven’t spent a lot of time on Windows lately (I’m even writing this on my newly rebuilt Ubuntu 16.04 machine), so I doubt it’s recognising something from my profile. Just a bit of legacy programming from when the game was first ported I suspect.

Today is my first day without my sling in the past week as well. The Doctor did advise me to keep it on for a fortnight, but I think the sling is doing more damage than not. It has stretched an awful lot in the last week, and it’s doing little to keep my arm immobilised. Instead, I’m just trying to keep it still myself and not use it as much as I used to (which is hard, you’ll be amazed how much you instinctively use muscles for), but there’ll come a time when I need it to be working properly again, and I’d like it to be soon. Baby steps.

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