Half-Truths and Whole Lies

Murdered: Soul Suspect • Helped the witness escape the police station and gained an ally • 25G • 26.81% of gamers unlocked this

Microsoft need to get a lot better at doing updates. I’m sure I’ve whinged about updates before, but grinding your entire gaming experience to a halt until you’ve updated is frustrating. More importantly, requiring user prompt to update is more frustrating. How hard is it to download an update while I’m cooking dinner, bathing the children and getting them to bed, rather than waiting until I’ve done all that, and then, as I sit down ready for a quick, uninterrupted game of something … anything … and then presenting me with the option to either download and install a 450MB update, or go offline and start playing.

Well, given EA believe that there’s no market for single player games anymore, forcing people offline when they’re required to jump into their Destiny or Overwatch or Diablo III or Paladins or Fortnite or any one of a myriad of games that require some form of internet connection, regardless of whether Australia ever gets a decent one or not.

To top it all off, my Xbox then decided that it wasn’t going to retrieve any of my save data! So, I was essentially back where I started: I could play a game offline, or I could … well, keep trying different games I suppose. The problem is, my achievements don’t actually sync with the server until I can get online, so while I could probably earn an achievement or two, I couldn’t have my achievement a day validated by, I don’t know, the internet I guess. And who wants to make an enemy out of the internet.

It seemed like the problem could be traced back to a change I made in my Microsoft account earlier in the day – namely the default email alias I use. I’m not sure how many games utilise the email address on my account, but it seems like the Xbox Live service does (which makes sense), and if all my save games were tied to that service, then it obviously needed a bit of a reset to fix the problem. So that’s what I did. I turned it off and on again – and you know what? It worked.

So, once that not-insignificant chunk of my day was out of the way, it was time to play something. I played lots of things. I played Fortnite before realising that all of the achievements looked like they were for the singleplayer PvE server (which you have to pay for), and I tried to get into another game of Paladins (on both the Australian and European servers) to no avail (I’m really starting to regret buying the Founder’s pack for that one). But in the end I settled on something simple. A little more progress for Murdered: Soul Suspect.

It’s funny how the single player games always come through. There’s a funny meme doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment which essentially thanks a whole heap of developers for making single player games, with EA featured in the centre with the simple text “Not You” across it. So, following on from my earlier theme – the lesson here is that I like single player games, and sometimes, in the industry’s glutton-like pursuit to monitise everything, they get nothing instead.

Unless I’m your customer. I have very little fiscal restraint.

So, after scoring a few achievements tonight in Soul Suspect, this one is a story progress achievement. It seems like I’m only a few steps away from another couple of achievements which I might have a go at tomorrow, but I also have a day off so there’s a good chance I can sink my teeth into something that requires me to play three hours before I can get an achievement. I’ll see how the day pans out.

In other news, we’re finally into the PAX Australia 2017 countdown. Excuse me while I quietly cyber-scream in excitement down the internet. It’s funny talking to a few of the gaming communities online about their levels of PAX enthusiasm. There’s some going for the first time, a few old hands, and a good cross-section of casual and hardcore gamers. Either way, it feels like the usual slogan for the weekend, Welcome Home, gets more and more apt each year I go. I love PAX. I was saying the other week, that one PAX a year just isn’t enough for me. I think moving to America, where I could foresee myself rotating through three PAXs a year would be my sweet spot. 

Of course, an obligatory trip back to Australia for PAX Aus wouldn’t be out of the question either.

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