Let the Wookie win

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Series • Pull 25 arms off other characters • 20G • 16.89% of gamers unlocked this 

I think I’ve started to get low on ‘quick win’ games, a backlog that I can normally rely on when I want an achievement for the day that is easily accessible and takes the pressure off a bit for both earning and writing about respective achievements. Not that I was under any external pressure today – in fact today is a nice day to dabble in a few different long-form titles and see what’s possible – but when I thought I could squeeze in an achievement this morning, failed, and then had to wait a day to get back-on-the-box, it feels unnecessarily like a burden. 

My most time-sensitive day this week will be Saturday. I have to get up and get the kids fed, dressed, on my own, packed and on a train to Day 2 of PAX Australia 2017. I then have a tight turnaround to get the kids through the show and back on a train, ready to return home for another night out with a bunch of work colleagues. Sounds like Saturday morning will be my best bet, doesn’t it?

Tonight’s achievement comes courtesy of my son, who has been begging to play games with me, and because I’ve let my GamePass lapse, this is the only title in the library that we can effectively play. Of course, we can always pull out Skylanders for a fix, but after a long day, the last thing I feel like doing is cleaning up a bunch of figures before dinner. (Its quarter to nine and I haven’t eaten yet – it that long a day!)

Speaking of which, I’m going to go do now. 


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